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They’re out! We can talk about this!
I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve entered a new (non-exclusive, for those who need to know) partnership with Anvil Publishing here in the Philippines. The result of that partnership is a new Anvil imprint called Spark Books (FB / Instagram). They will be publishing in print my New Adult books, and distributing them to local bookstores. (Yay!)
They launched their new imprint with three books from me, Welcome to Envy Park, The Harder We Fall and Never Just Friends. How are they different from previous editions you might already have?
Welcome to Envy Park: Has a bonus story, “We Were So Yesterday” originally posted on Wattpad, but in this edition handwritten (yes, written by hand!) by pen enthusiasts Faith Yeo and Chito Limson. You might also see your name in the new acknowledgements page.
The Harder We Fall: Almost identical to the print edition already on Amazon! But a fraction of the price at P185.

Never Just Friends: Exactly the same as the US print edition. I never did a local printing though so this is the only print copy you’ll find in the Philippines.

I’m so psyched for this and I hope you understand that you (readers, and random person on the internet) made this all possible.

The other exciting thing about this is, Spark Books will be releasing more titles. By more authors. People you might know, if you’ve been following the indie romance writing thing we’ve been doing. I can’t wait to see them!

So, here’s a favor, if I may ask for yet another: Please read/buy/share/review/give as gifts? If you see the books in a bookstore, please let me know! Send me a pic. Or a pic of you with the books. Tag @minavesguerra in your reactions. I’m sharing all of them on my Twitter and Facebook. Thank you thank you thank you and I hope you enjoy the books!

(PS. I still own copyright and most rights to books I’ve written and will write. I am still currently working with other publishers, and will continue to, as an author, consultant, editor, and whatever else. I’m not going to expect everyone to be able to keep track of this so if you need me for anything, just ask!)

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