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I wrote a short story! And right now, it’s only available in the #RomanceClass #TropeTastic2021 anthology. This was put together to raise funds for orgs doing important work right now that we want to support. This was suggested and organized by author Ansela Corsino, and we met as a group (on Zoom) in December 2020 to decide things. Would the stories have something in common? (Yes, a shared setting, as suggested by Carla de Guzman.) It would be easier if we assigned tropes as writing prompts, right? (We’d assign it by roulette, as suggested by Dawn Lanuza.) We all had January 31, 2021 as a deadline, and by that day we received submissions from 15 authors.

My story is the anthology is called “Pleasure To Meet You,” starring Natasha and Julio, who meet when they’re both cast to be each other’s dates on a cable reality show. But Natasha actually recognizes Julio for a very specific niche thing he’s kind of famous for. My assigned trope was “Minor Celebrity.” This was a little project that I had lot of fun writing! I hope you enjoy reading it.

This anthology has 15 all-new romance stories, by Filipino authors who are part of #RomanceClass, and costs $5 or the price you set. Get it at until April 14! We’re donating all proceeds, and as of typing this we’ve already received $857 (PHP41,000). The orgs we are supporting are Project Propel, Gantala Press, and Rock Ed Philippines. If you’ve purchased the anthology, you’ll receive a detailed update on the donations.

Our anthology cover was designed by Tania Arpa, with art by Carla de Guzman, and photography by Chi Yu Rodriguez, featuring models Jef Flores and Jeanne San Juan. Each story has its own critique group, with authors and readers and editors working quickly to help meet the January 31 deadline. Support from #RomanceClass readers and friends online has boosted the order page and what we’ve raised so far—and throughout this—will be because of all of you. Thank you for caring!

Get the RomanceClass TropeTastic Anthology here (until April 14, 2021):

We launched the anthology on YouTube (and it’s also the season premiere of #RomanceClass Podcast season 4!):


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