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My new book The Future Chosen is available right now as a Radish Exclusive. Download the Radish app to read chapters early, before the full book is published later this year. Read a chapter free weekly, or purchase in-app coins to unlock chapters. Currently iOS only, soon on Android and web.

Here’s how Chapter 4 “Difficult but not impossible” starts. It unlocks next week!

Making his way to Callemara would be difficult, but not impossible.

The inaccessibility of the island hospital was its main selling point, its reason for being. It wasn’t a facility for emergency care; people went there to recover in private, reveal their vulnerabilities and the little humiliations of physical sickness to no one who wasn’t bound to secrecy, and return to their respective power centers in Isla totally restored.

His checklist of difficult but not impossible things to do:

One, secure seven to ten days of time for himself. That alone would have prevented him from acting on this, because one day alone, much less seven, miraculous at ten, was a dream. A joke. An urban legend passed around 513, like the one about the administration agreeing to hold a prom. It was the stupidest thing and no one believed it. It was also the stupidest thing that everyone secretly hoped was true.

Dear God. A prom. They were being groomed to run the nation and all they wanted was a dance.

And yet he needed his days. Where to find them? He had work for the Senator, obligations to the Policy Center, a security detail, and nightly dinners with family that were actually strategy sessions in five courses.

It was Emil who came up with the solution.

“My house,” he said.

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