Thoughts post Philippine International Literary Festival 2015 in Davao

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Photo taken by Honey de Peralta (IG: fantaghiro23)

Photo taken by Honey de Peralta (IG: fantaghiro23)

My first time in Davao, first time traveling without my daughter. November turned out to be a busy month so I haven’t properly recapped this event, but I’m thankful that I got the invite from the NBDB. I appreciate that they’re giving me a chance to talk about my publishing experiments.

I go through the same (but updated) presentation though. Yes, everyone can easily publish. Yes, we have to work on overcoming self-publishing’s reputation among snobs. Yes, once you get over it, you may find success with it. I’ve no problem being the person who says this (right now) but here’s what I’m leaving out: If you’re only thinking about this now, you’re already too late. The world has moved on. Publishing is already digital, self-published authors already control the charts, and trad publishers have already changed the way they work to adapt and they will keep adapting.

I’m hoping that future gatherings will connect me to people who can say they’ve tried something and it worked. We have SO many challenges facing us in this not-so-traditional publishing landscape and I want to hear more stories of people who tried a new way and how successful they were.

I also had great food, great conversations, and awesome company on this trip. Thank you for letting me hang out with you all. 🙂

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