What a #RomanceClass working weekend looks like

April 12, 2021 - - No comments


1. Livestreamed #RomanceClass Podcast season 4 episode 5, where we did fan casts for books by Ana Tejano, Brij Bautista, Suzette de Borja, and Bianca Mori.  I’m proud of my suggestions lol I think we have several excellent love team blockbusters (Fall Like Maine hehe) and before you freak out about my Tom Holland as Suzette’s Sam the expat international school teacher THINK ABOUT IT FIRST. Just think about it. You will come around. Thank you producer/director Tania Arpa for coming in at the end when my internet kicked me out haha.

2. We did our first @romanceclasscovers Zoom shoot with two models in separate locations, this time for a new Jay E. Tria book. 👀 We could have shot this separately but maybe it adds something to the energy that we can all see and hear each other, and I think this was super fun (considering it was done in the middle of an infections surge and ECQ–but everyone was home yay). Thank you, D and M, D’s awesome fake girlfriend, M’s real husband and mom. Thank you, Jo, for introducing us!!! 

3.  I don’t have a photo for this but we did a “#RomanceClass Cafe” writing sprint and I was able to write 701 words in an hour. Yay! Hang out at our Discord to see when the next one will be!


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