What Kind of Day: we had a launch!

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I use “book launch” because that’s the term people know, but it’s really a book party, I guess? Not really a launch. The way I publish now, the best use of my time is working for a good digital edition release. That’s worldwide, and I can set a price for it that rewards readers who’ve been supporting my books for years, or just is a good deal for someone who wants to try a book of mine for the first time. What Kind of Day’s official release day was May 31, and that went well. (Thank you so much!)

Twitter Moment of #WhatKindofDay posts!

The print edition was also ready by May 31, and on that day I started shipping copies to Philippine residents who had ordered them. So by June 9…the only thing left to do was party. I also make it a point to give gift copies to the people who worked on the book with me, and the “launch” was a good time to get as many of them together in one place and do that.

We held it at The Wander Space, a travel cafe in Maginhawa St. Quezon City. Very Naya!

Earlier that day there was a #romanceclass lecture at the same place. Writing LGBT Characters was led by Brij Bautista and Ron Lim, editors of the Start Here anthology. Loved the discussion, appreciate the questions and writing plans shared by the participating authors. Definitely contact Brij and/or Ron if you need a lecture on this, especially if you’re writing romance.

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