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Chic Manila

Releasing a new Chic Manila book! This is romance set in Manila again, after taking a break and writing five books set in other places. Feels like going home, for me. There are familiar characters here too, and even as an author I re-acquainted myself with the people and places I had written about before.

What You Wanted is a full book featuring Andrea and Damon, the main characters in my short story Wedding Night Stand. Andrea is the sister of Julie (from That Kind of Guy). The book can be read as a standalone, and should be easy to get into, even if you’ve never read the other books. But if you want to anyway, that’s fine too!

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It’s the classic one-night stand: Beach wedding, bridesmaid, groom’s friend. When Andrea and Damon meet, sparks fly, and they give in to the attraction. Sounds simple, but Andrea’s still getting over someone, and Damon thought he’d be hooking up with another person that night. It could still be simple, really, if they chalk it up to a weekend tryst and move on.

But one night becomes lunch the week after, and then dinner the next weekend…and before they know it, Andrea and Damon are still together, dealing with the feelings they know they might still have for other people. How hard can it be to get exactly what you want? How do you even know what it is?

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