The God Equation and Other Stories by Michael A.R. Co

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The God Equation and Other Stories (Kindle Edition)
by Michael A.R. Co

Mathematics and religion duel in an award-winning tale about the true nature of faith and free will. (“The God Equation”)

Two soldiers share the unsavory task of killing someone worse than Hilter… over 500 years ago. (“Waiting for Victory”)

A popular childhood belief can have sinister results, when a rapist gets the short end of a bargain. (“The Off Season”)

A mysterious website allows users to see the whole world in an uncomfortably honest way. (“In the Eyes of Many”)

A beautiful faerie finds herself trapped in a tropical paradise, and there’s only one way out: a young man and his shovel. (“The Sweet Stranger”)

These thought-provoking stories, collected together for the first time, offer a taste of Filipino-style science fiction and fantasy that transcend cultural boundaries and expectations.

My husband writes science fiction and fantasy stories. Not often, but in the past few years he’s managed to come up with amazing stuff. “The God Equation,” which shared first prize at the first Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards, was actually his first published short story.

I’ve been encouraging him to put a compilation up on the Kindle for a while, and now it’s here! You can get the entire thing for just $0.99 ($2.99 if you’re using a Philippine credit card/billing address on Amazon). Whether you’re into sci-fi or just want to support Pinoy authors, this’ll be a great read.

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