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#romanceclass podcast episode 3: BLAST FROM TWO PASTS excerpt read by Rachel Coates and Gio Gahol

The third episode features a scene from Blast From Two Pasts, a romance novel by author Kristel S. Villar. It’s an indie release, available in ebook and print, and it isn’t in mainstream bookstores just yet. If there’s anything that excites me about doing this podcast, it’s that we can showcase indie books that are loved by readers. Kristel’s book has its share of fans and loyal readers — go listen, and we hope we brought Lucas and Cara to life in the best way possible. (And then go get the book!)

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#romanceclass podcast episode 2: NEVER JUST FRIENDS/FALLEN AGAIN excerpt read by Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates

So episode 2 of our podcast? Is an excerpt from one of my books. Never Just Friends is available in Philippine bookstores via an Anvil Spark Books edition. It’s on Amazon right now under Flirt Publishing, released under the title Fallen Again. (But it’s the same book.)

I chose this book and excerpt because…well, to be frank, I wanted Gio to read more. I briefly entertained the thought of having Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates read from my new book, which I knew would be out by the time the podcast went live. But one of the tricky things we discovered when we produced this was that as a community, we “romance in English” authors don’t write a lot of male POV. And I wanted Gio to, throughout the season, read as much as Rachel did, or close to it. So since I wrote some male POV I knew I’d probably need to use my own books to balance out the rest.

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