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#romanceclass podcast episode 2: NEVER JUST FRIENDS/FALLEN AGAIN excerpt read by Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates

So episode 2 of our podcast? Is an excerpt from one of my books. Never Just Friends is available in Philippine bookstores via an Anvil Spark Books edition. It’s on Amazon right now under Flirt Publishing, released under the title Fallen Again. (But it’s the same book.)

I chose this book and excerpt because…well, to be frank, I wanted Gio to read more. I briefly entertained the thought of having Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates read from my new book, which I knew would be out by the time the podcast went live. But one of the tricky things we discovered when we produced this was that as a community, we “romance in English” authors don’t write a lot of male POV. And I wanted Gio to, throughout the season, read as much as Rachel did, or close to it. So since I wrote some male POV I knew I’d probably need to use my own books to balance out the rest.

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Tempting Victoria

Tempting Victoria share

Victoria Bennett is in control and in charge all day every day, but sometimes she needs help. One of those times is when she needs to organize a romantic proposal weekend for her client, and the only person available to help her is the notorious heartbreaker Nathan Grant.

Victoria knows she shouldn’t fall for guys like Nathan, but that hasn’t prevented her from lusting after him all these years. It’s just one weekend on the beach, away from everyone they know, alone with the guy who could cause her perfectly coordinated world to crumble. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

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Sneak peek: The “Live Like Fiction” challenge


I just finished writing the draft of my latest Spotlight New Adult book (I’ve been calling it Someone Else’s Fantasy). The main character is (or was) a blogger, and the plot has her doing a series of monthly blog challenges, asking her to “Live Like Fiction.”

With the help of some friends on Twitter, I put together a year’s worth of challenges. Some of these play a major role in the story. Others might just be fun, haha. Here’s the full year:

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Spotlight New Adult (international digital editions) will now be under Flirt Publishing


Hey everyone: My Spotlight New Adult series now has an international digital publisher! Thank you, Flirt Publishing!

The Spotlight books are my US-setting New Adult books. You know, the ones with Nicholas, Jake, Oliver, and soon, Nathan and Grayson. Some of the books are available on Amazon now, but soon there will be a switch to the new Flirt Publishing editions.

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First Chapter Friday: Someone Else’s Fantasy

fb_event_fcf_04072015 (1)

Hi, everyone! Some authors and I have joined up to give you something new. Today we’re posting the first chapters of our work in progress, and we’re offering a personalized copy of this first chapter as a giveaway prize. Yay!

**Join my mailing list at and join the Facebook event to participate in the giveaway. You could win a personalized copy of this excerpt, and ebooks!

My contribution is (part of) the first chapter of the book I’m working on, called Someone Else’s Fantasy. If you’ve read my other books The Harder We Fall and Playing Autumn, you’ll recognize Grayson and Steph. Yes, they get a story too. 🙂

==Start of excerpt==

Sera’s Live Like Fiction Challenge

October: Go out with a stereotypical romance novel hero WHO ISN’T YOUR TYPE

Well, of course I was going to ask him out. I was looking for my October challenge, and he was right there, stripping in front of me. It was like the universe sent him over for me, special delivery, because yesterday I wasn’t only on time for all my classes, but held it together long enough to eat right and spend an hour on yoga.

“Are you sure you’re okay with the room temp?” I asked again.

It was cold, recently. At least I thought so, being used to Texas Octobers, and still clinging to that despite spending my fourth October in northern California. Even for a Texan I was sensitive to cold. This particular Friday, the weather sites said high fifties, but I was in a sweater like a shivering tourist.

My guest for that morning’s class had begun to take his shirt and pants off. Not bothered at all.

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Mina V. Esguerra writes and publishes romance novels. She founded #RomanceClass, a community of Filipino authors of romance in English.
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