Guest post by #buqosteamyreads author Scarlett Fox: My Adventure into the Steamies

Taking over the blog today is Scarlett Fox!

The Age of Experience
Considering my age and experience, it was not really hard for me to imagine what mature individuals do in their spare time. I had my share of unmentionables in my time. But I had qualms because I have an image, wholesome I suppose, that I wanted to maintain not for me but for my kids who are actually adults. Sheesh.Writing the steamy story had opened the whatever phase in me. I can write anything now. Once I had done “Sizzle”, it was like opening Pandora’s box. All inhibitions flew away.
Meeting the Dreaded Deadline
It helped a lot to have a deadline. I am getting used to writing longer pieces. Practice really is the key. My characters already had a mold, all I needed was to pour the words in. So right off my lead female character was set. Bitchy and arrogant. I had not encountered those characters in say, Mills and Boon romances. Back then the characters were mild and pliant, with just a hint of defiance.
Boracay: A Place of Endless Possibilities
My setting was Boracay . I took some liberties on the setting. Most of the places were fictitious. Maybe some of the readers would be lost. My characters were not inexperienced, they had gone through pain and were truly just like other people who loved.
I really fought hard against my tendency to use words that were outdated and to make my style more contemporary.
How to write the steamy sex scene
  1.  Prep your sexy cover as it will be one of your inspirations.
  2. Put some jazzy music or whatever turns you on.
  3. Spritz some heady perfume, not too much and think romantic.
  4. Write the scene in  slow motion, taking care to note the details. Don’t be in a hurry to jump to the next position if you don’t have to.
  5. Make sure there’s nobody there to see the effects of what you are writing on your face. Because if you’re any good at it, it will surely show.
I have enjoyed it immensely. The process was exhilarating, emancipating and empowering.
Just like what writer Delilah Dawson said, if you can write a sex scene, you can turn people on with nothing but words. 
Long live the steamies!

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