Q&A with #buqosteamyreads author Adelaide Penne

Taking over the blog today is Adelaide Penne, author of Finding Mr. Write. Here’s a Q&A!

1) How did you come up with the story?
I did a bit of an informal ‘interview’ with a friend who got back with an ex after a year (and who are still together after four years!) and in talking to her, I finally realized that there are some instances when getting back together with an ex was okay.
But Finding Mr. Write is not based on their story. It’s purely fictional. πŸ™‚
2) Who was your inspiration/peg for Clark and Marcia?
I actually based Clark’s physique off Henry Cavill. I have always seen Superman as manly and that chest is just amazing. As for their personalities and his, ehem, job, that was just something I thought of and made me laugh. Hopefully it will make you laugh, too.
As for Marcia, I have always enjoyed strong, independent characters, but I don’t have one specific person on whom I based her on.
3) How was it like writing something this steamy?
This was my first time to write something this steamy, so there was a lot of squirming and blushing involved. Thankfully, our #buqosteamyreads on Twitter was very active, and the other authors were very helpful in providing inspiration!
4) What was the hardest part in writing Finding Mr. Write?
I met with several challenges! First, I had to figure out a good reason any former couple could overcome to get back together again. Second, I had to get out of my comfort zone to amp up the steam. Third, I wanted to set my story apart and make sure Finding Mr. Write actually had a tangible story, and that their love scene had a reason for happening. Fourth, I had to find beta readers and revise my story. I had to be critical during revisions to make sure I could spot the weak points that others might not have noticed.
5) As an indie and new author, what challenges did you have or foresee, publishing-wise?
Since ‘steamy’ reads by Filipino authors is a new category for Filipino readers, that’s already one challenge our class had. Thankfully, Mina V. Esguerra, along with Buqo, paved the way for several smut-minded, I mean eager [ πŸ˜‰ ] aspiring/current authors to be motivated to finish and publish a book.
Aside from that, publishing-wise, I don’t have the support of experts in the publishing industry and I don’t know how well-received my story, or this category, will be. Furthermore, marketing is something that’s out of my purview, and as a new author, that is always a bit hard. However, this whole experience is a welcome challenge, and so far it has been an enjoyable ride.
6) Do you have any other upcoming steamy works?
In creating a story, I don’t force the plot. Instead, I collect ideas, and when I have something concrete, I write it down. I have a planned sequel – I’m not yet sure how long it will be – but I haven’t started it yet. And yes, it will be about Ensyang πŸ™‚
7) Would you ever date an ex?
That is debatable, and it would probably need – oh look there’s a rainbow!
8) Say something about yourself.
I’m a 20-something aspiring author who loves to read, sing, and work (gasp, yes). I love earning my own money to fund my travels, retirement (haha), and chocolate and book addiction. On an ordinary day, I can be found in my personal library/office, working, blogging, or watching movies. On weekends, I am either learning something new, eating, drinking mocha frappucino, out with friends, shopping, or traipsing around in an entirely different city.
Like Marcia, I love technology and I have awesome friends. Unlike Marcia, I don’t turn heads, I don’t have a Clark in my life, and I can only dream to be that rich.
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