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So now I’m learning that if I want to reach out to new audiences for my work, I have to really put myself out there as a writer. I mean, really out there. This led to the creation of the Facebook page, the Multiply site, the Twitter account, the Goodreads page (the latest one, by the way — add me!), and the Amazon author page.

Because of all this online real estate, I have to now talk about stuff. And writing. It’s expected, isn’t it? And I appreciate it when authors I admire write about the process. It’s like a support group. Also, looking back at my entries, there’s an appearance of actual work being done. I get to talk — for the first time — about works in progress.
I posted a few entries back that I finished a draft called Fling Flop. That’s the first one I completed this year, because Fairy Tale Fail was actually written last year. The idea for Fling Flop came from a comment thread with some friends, and the female protagonist is somewhat based on an actual person I know, a person I think is truly the Best Assistant Ever.
It’s possible that if I continue to write love stories, I will write them based on friends, and give them the romances they deserve. We’ll see.
So now that FF is done and being read by other eyes, I’m starting work on a project I’m calling LYF. LYF was something I had finished last year, but I wasn’t comfortable with it. Too many false starts, and I couldn’t get the tone right (this is still in first-person POV). But I recently thought of how to fix it, and I’m doing that now.
LYF is Kimmy’s story, by the way. Those who’ve read My Imaginary Ex may remember that character.
I hope I finish it soon. I have the last scene in my head, and usually that’s when I feel good about a story. When I know how it ends.

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